Thursday, 24 April 2014

Workshop Samples......

I have got another Beginners Craft Workshop
on the 7th June.
so I am working on some samples.
im still working on this one
 for my ladies
 We will be using  8" inch embroidery hoops.
I'm looking forward to seeing what they all produce as I know they will all be so individual.


  1. Your ladies will have no problems being able to create something with these beauties as inspiration xx

  2. What enchanting work of clever are you....I have just joined as a new follower also I have a 'reach 550 candy' on my blog if you wish to join in the fun...

  3. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. So love to pop by and see your stitching.

  4. Thanks for popping by, your 'header' is lovely.

  5. Ooh, it will be great to see what they people make with your inspiring samples to get them going.
    Judy xx