Saturday, 18 May 2013


The second online course I did with Karen Ruane was called EMBROIDER EMBELLISH CREATE.
Before class started we were instructed to gather together vintage linens and trims as well as any new fabrics and laces that appealed to us.
 Here are some of my treasures.
 We had to create blocks of hand embroidered pieces to eventually make into a large piece.
 The picture above is of a part of one of my blocks.
 This particular block has since been cut into two pieces. Here is what I did with the heart piece.
I will tell you a bit more about this course next time.
You can see Karen's fabulous embroideries here


  1. love those cloths hanging on the line.....

  2. love your new header. that was a great class. i took it when it was first offered back in 2011.

  3. Beautiful work Lynn and I do love the heart in a box :0) xx

  4. So beautiful, Lynn! I love the way you handle your cloth, your stitching and your designs. Your fabric is gorgeous! It has that faded, tea dyed look to it. I am slowly building my stash. Your blog is delightful eye candy!