Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Pretty in a pinny

 In Alchemy, an online embroidery course, we created a design book.  Mine revolved around flowers and making an apron.
 Here are some of my design ideas and samples

fabric mini pinny

made with paper and lace trim

paper sample
Pocket samples
final piece
I learned how to machine embroider, applique, how to create a design book, simple stitching and a million other things. I love putting different fabrics together both old and new and I will build up on my stitch skills as I go along.

Online courses run by contemporary embroiderer Karen Ruane - www.karenannruane.typepad.com


  1. How wonderful to see the process all laid out in this way. It all makes much more sense now. I would love to see your book for real one day. Maybe when we start doing the sketchbook look-see :0) xx

    1. One day my friend I am sure we will meet up for real xx

  2. So interesting to see your process unfold! I can get a peek into your design choices and samples. Thank you for sharing this with us. Keeping a sample book is a really nice idea. Karen's classes are so stimulating!

    1. They really are. I love the challenge and the results

  3. These potos are just stunning. I soooo love the pink pinny in the fith photo down. Plus the piece beside it. Great work Lynn. Hugs Elizabeth xxx