Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Things to do with LACE

I am getting upto date now with blogging about my embroidery courses.  We have now reached my third course, only a short one but with lots in it and it can go on and on, like all Karen's online courses you can keep going back to it, adding photographs of your work to the Flickr sites and asking teacher's advice.
 Using strips of lace and fabric we laid them out onto a sewing hoop and machine embroidered them together.
some of my collection of trims
The next stage is to hand embroider on top.
 In my earlier courses I learned about damp stretching your work once you have hand stitched it.
 I've added french knots here, cross stitch and a stitch now known as "Lynn's winging it stitch" as I could not put a name to it and may have made it up.
 The flowers are a fabric sample cut up. The white dot fabric is really special as it is part of a friend's wedding dress.
I am thrilled to bits with the lovely floaty wall hanging I have made.
See if you can link to this You Tube video to see it swinging gently round.
Gentle Lace Video

Next time I will be looking at the scrim work I did in the same class.


  1. I wonder when we'll see 'Lynn's Winging it Stitch' in the Very lovely pictures Lynn. Lace always looks good in a picture doesn't it, So light and gentle. Floaty light. :0) xx

    1. Thank you Mo. In a manual.... you are funny my friend. xx

  2. great post of your wonderful work...

    1. Thank You Karen. Im loving my new blog as well as my new found skill